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Maintenance Service Contracts (Current Pricing)


Annual: 1st Unit = $89.00

Each additional unit = $69.00


Semi-Annual: 1st Unit = $149.00

Each additional unit = $129.00


Semi-Annual: Price to be determined upon system evaluation


  1. Change filters (provided by Customer) **
  2. Clean Condenser Coil once a year.
  3. Check electrical connections
  4. Clean out drain lines
  5. Check refrigerant levels
  6. Clean burners annually (if applicable)
  7. Inspect evaporator coils annually - *Note: Cleaning of evaporator is not included in contract price!
  8. Inspect fan belts annually (if applicable)
  9. Over-all inspection of parts annually
  10. Ten percent (10%) discount off all parts, labor and service calls.

** NOTE: There will be an additional charge for filters if supplied by Arctic Air.